Should Your BYOD Policy Ban Third-Party Keyboards?

Apple’s new mobile operating system update, iOS8, now allows users to install third-party keyboards.  While the ability to install and use third-party keyboards has been available on Android phones, the expansion to Apple devices will significantly expand the keyboards’ availability. Third-party keyboards are undeniably popular.  Swiftkey Keyboard was downloaded more than one million times within […]

Screening Applicants 101: How Small Businesses Can Hire like the Pros

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Small businesses may only hire a couple of new employees each year. As a result, small business managers may feel more anxiety about the hiring process than their counterparts at larger companies where hiring is a weekly occurrence. In my HR career, I have screened thousands of applications for everything from warehouse workers to top-level […]

Career Site Blues? 4 Tips to Drastically Improve Your Site Now

Over the past few years, I have had my fair share of career site redesigns. The first one was nearly ten years ago and everyone back then wanted to add Flash to the site to up their cool. Fast forward and the iPad’s wonkiness with Flash put the kibosh on that. In the CareerXRoads 2013 […]