How to Manage Employee Pay Ranges

Human Resource professionals spend a great deal of time and effort developing suitable compensation structures that fill the requirements for their organization as well as meet the expectations of employees. However getting pay ranges nailed down can prove to be a real migraine, especially for larger organizations. Key questions that need to be asked during […]

Are you over-clouded? #HRTechConf

The cloud. Ten years ago that meant a nice day at the park, or an incoming storm. Now it’s… everything. Email. Shopping. Word processing. Even dating! HR has seen it’s own share of cloud-migrations: payroll, performance management, compensation analysis, and recruiting can now all live in the cloud, available 24/7 and often running with little […]

Social Media Powered HR: Are Resumes Finally Obsolete?

My business is growing and I’m finding myself in a steady hiring mode. So far I’ve hired, managed and let go of a few people – all without ever seeing their resume. My latest hire is a digital marketing manager, who I discovered when reading an article on For those who aren’t in the […]

The Suit Economy at #HRTechConf

I’ve never understood why people continue to wear suits to the HR Technology Conference. Every year that I attend I still let it amaze me that people actually walk around the Mandalay Bay all day in a three or four piece suit. The problem with the drab black or grey suit for an attendee is […]