When Your Company Should Hire an Attorney

The question everyone hates to ask: When Should You Hire An Employment Law Attorney? Now I’m sure you’re expecting me to have a simple answer to the question I just posed, and that answer would be: all the time, for everything.  Well say good-bye to the greedy attorney stereotype, because I’m here to tell you […]

Why Small Businesses Need Job Descriptions

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Job descriptions, when done right, provide a good foundation in the employee/manager relationship. This is especially important in a small business where jobs can include a wide variety of duties and change quite a bit as the business grows. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, having HR basics like job descriptions can help […]

Why Happiness Is Not Your Boss’s Responsability

Ask any manager or business leader, and they will be tell you that employee engagement is hard. It’s a balancing act keeping your own boss happy, meeting your own deadlines and personal work expectations in addition to managing a team. The time you must spend to talk to that team, focus on their growth and […]

Recruiters: Don’t Assume Candidates Are Drinking Your Kool-Aid

Recruiters: Don’t Assume Candidates Are Drinking Your Kool-Aid “What do the best recruiters do?” That was a question that I posed to several recruiting heavy-hitters last week during a D.C. area happy hour. And, if there is one thing that recruiters love talking about over drinks, it’s recruiting. So, out of the mouths of industry […]