Referrals Are Still the Best Candidates for Your Job Openings

Recruiting.  It is made to be so hard.  There is so much talk about the active and passive candidate.  Who is the best fit for the role?  Where do you find them?  What are the best tools to find candidates. The way I see it is recruiters need to work smart.  It is vitally important […]

Are Unlimited Vacation and PTO Policies Right For Your Company?

I came across an interesting article in my newsfeed this past week that really got me thinking from an HR perspective. The article discusses perks that some smaller niche companies have put in place such as: unlimited vacation policies, offering 2 weeks paid holiday in December, or offering travel money to employees who take over 5 […]

Difference Between HR Tech & HR Vendors in the Human Capital Industry

Download my HR Technology Guide and Checklist for suite products by clicking here. Includes a handy checklist to help you in selecting the best HR tech.  Last week, I launched the first in a series and put the spotlight on women who work in human resources technology. We published our first list of female entrepreneurs, […]