Part Two: HR Basics for Small Businesses

HR Basics for Small Businesses Regardless of the size of your company, laying a good foundation with HR basics is necessary for the success of your business. In last week’s post on HR basics for small businesses, I looked at employee handbooks, meal break policies and employee file management. In this week’s post, we will […]

How to Gracefully Fire & Terminate an Employee

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiesersehen, Good-Bye! No one wants to do it, but as sure as death and taxes, if you’re in HR, you will have to fire someone some day. You can call it anything you warn, whether it’s termination, firing, letting someone go, it still sucks. No one wants to be fired, and […]

Onboarding Requires a Little Thoughtfulness #hrbasics

When it comes to onboarding, is it a strength, weakness or opportunity within your organization? If your team can expertly manage onboarding for new hires, give them high fives all around. However, if the initial connection between your new hires and organization has much to be desired, than this “HR basics” post is for you. […]