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Workplace 2040: Future Jobs for Human Resouce Professionals

Futurist Thomas Frey wrote in a February 2014 article about something he called the “God Globe”. He described this as “a master command center for planet earth” where we would have the ability to control Earth’s most powerful forces through monitoring and manipulating multiple streams of data from one central control board. This would give […]

How to Have the Perfect Handshake

Well since SHRM has come and gone we’re posting our Manner Monday a tad late, but it’s fitting because today is National Handshake Day! Learn about the handshake as it relates to the workplace!  The Perfect Handshake In honor of National Handshake Day,  I thought it would be fun to talk about the importance of […]

7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career in HR

Dear Me (10 Years Ago), Three days a week I take a commuter bus into the office. I live about 45 minutes away, it’s a great option to have! I joke with my colleague’s that I improve my efficiency by 1 hour and 32 minutes each day I take the bus. I must have been […]