No Virginia, the First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Workplace Speech

I hope you all will indulge me today, as I discuss one of my personal legal pet peeves: a severe and significant lack of knowledge regarding the First Amendment to the Constitution, specifically, the right to free speech It seems that, unfortunately, we left some children (and adults) behind in civics/government class, because I find […]

Getting Employees on Board with New HR Technology #IHRIM2014

In my last post, I talked about some of the things I learned at last week’s International Association for Human Resource Management (IHRIM) conference. As I mentioned, developments in technology have changed the way we work. As HR professionals, we must help our employees adapt to the changing work environment. Some of these changes may […]

The Day I Deleted My Facebook Recruiting Account

It’s the end of an era. Well, for my work-related Facebook account at least. In 2008, my former company (a large, well known auto insurer) was in the early stages of developing its HR social media policy and presence. As we mapped out our strategy, we determined that any corporate recruiter interested in using Facebook […]