Mobile Recruiting is a Complete Sham & Waste of Your Time

Join our interactive webinar talking mobile recruiting this Thursday. Hear from our experts about mobile recruiting in our 5/22/14 webinar at 11 AM EST. Click here to learn more.  Last week during our mobile recruiting week I received a number emails from a number of individuals who have told me that they believe that mobile […]

Yes, the Internet of Things Will Clash with Employee Privacy

According to Wikipedia, “The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure.” It is the concept that all things and people can be tracked and inventoried all the time. Dion Hinchcliffe, an expert in information technology, business strategy, and next-generation enterprises, says that IoT will make […]

If This Branding Post Were an App, It’d Be MapMyBrand

Over the past year or so, I’ve had many conversations with HR professionals about employment branding. Or, more specifically, where and how to begin a brand journey. Often times, the conversations jump to social media and creating a Facebook page or Twitter account. For an organization that has yet to fully understand its brand, talking […]

Two Important Things HR Forgets About Managing the FMLA

Disclaimer; this post is not about forms, or what is or isn’t a covered medical condition,  this is a post about treating the PEOPLE in our organizations right and navigating the tricky landscape of compassion and business.   Two Important Things HR Forgets About Managing the FMLA Also known as the “Friday Monday Leave Act,” […]