Credentials or Character…Which One Will Get You a Job?

Lately, I feel at a loss for how I can be part the United States “righting” itself again.  We’re off kilter as a country and our economic future seems hopeless.  The nightly news is negative and daily life seems to be more of a grind than celebratory. As a Relationship Systems Coach, my role is […]

Self-Development: How Gaming Changes Your Brain for Good

As technology progressively displaces workers and increasing takes over more and more tasks normally filled by humans we are left with the challenge of what to do with those workers. Developments in the science of neuroplasticity may offer a solution to companies wondering what they might do with these workers. Good and bad habits All […]

Good Content Goes a Long Way for Employer Branding

Good Content Goes a Long Way for Employer Branding   When it comes to recruitment or social media campaigns, I try not to reinvent the wheel.  Doing so would create so. much. more. work. The goal is to create strong content up front and then use it multiple places. Or, to curate and repurpose content […]