Protecting Yourself with Good Employee Documentation

Protecting Yourself with Good Employee Documentation There always seems to be a zillion things vying for our attention in the HR industry. I’m aware that I’ve been guilty of deprioritizing documentation because there always seemed to be more important things to finish. But in truth, documentation ought to come first. It can help you make […]

Two Cool Tools for Employer Branding

KPI. ROI. CPH. How are recruitment marketers to measure the impact of their employer brand efforts? Recently, I stumbled upon an article on LinkedIn that talked about Marketing departments not having enough talent on their teams to fully understand the analytics around their efforts. So, if Marketing doesn’t have the talent … I can only […]

What Happens After We Get a Seat at the Table

Many of us in HR hate the term “seat at the table” because it is such an over-used cliché.  It reflects that HR doesn’t have influence in critical business decisions and isn’t treated as an equal with the CFO or CTO and has to get it. As much as the term is overused I have […]