Out Now: Episode 415: Registered Apprenticeship Programs in the Clean Energy Sector With Dr. Janell Hills

Social Media & Privacy? We Should Just Stop Caring.

Okay- so I know I will be aging myself by saying some of the things I am about to say to you. I want to talk to you about 10 years ago. No, let’s talk 20 years ago. Heck- let’s go back 30 years. Were you alive? Do you remember what life was like? Even […]

Don’t Let Ego Prevent You from Successfully Recruiting Your Next Hire

What’s trying to happen in Corporate America? What exactly is the right job? …and who is the right candidate? There are bits and pieces of truth that come from various sources, but the main problem I continue to see points straight back to EGO. EGO – We all have it. a.k.a – Rank, Title, Status and Privilege.  We […]