HR Lady of the Future?

I have written several times in about employees being replaced by robots. It is certainly something most of HR professionals should be aware of and prepared to deal with. Generally when you think of robots in the workplace you think of a factory floor or even with the delivery drones that have been in the […]

Who Are the 5.6 Million Who Work in HR & Recruiting?

I work in the business of human resources and recruiting. It’s a complicated and niche industry that on the surface looks pretty simple until it’s not so simple any more. Ever tried to talk to someone outside of the industry about an Affirmative Action Plan or fines related to I-9’s? Most don’t understand the why, […]

Students: Start your Networking Engine!

If you are a college student, I suspect that you are starting to think about your next internship position.  While most students go straight for the internet, I urge you to consider using the best sources possible to help you land your coveted next position. The internet has it’s place but use it wisely. The […]