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Don’t be All Work and No Play – Liven Up Your Workplace

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well guess what, it might also make for a dull workplace, and you, a dull manager. I take no shame in admitting  I’m writing a blog post inspired by “The Shining.” Don’t hate, just thank all the Halloween horror flix on every channel and instant viewing […]

How I Deal with Spam & Other Inefficiencies of Electronic Technology

Learn more about mobile technology trends for HR & recruiting by joining our webinar 11/21 at 11 AM EST. Register here.  Sometimes technology really bites. I felt that way today when my iPhone was at 17% charge and completely shut down during a very important work call. Technology, particularly my mobile phone, tablet and laptop […]

10 Tips for Writing Your First Resume

Whether you’re an accountant, engineer, programmer, lawyer or administrative assistant, if you’re looking for employment, there’s one thing you have in common with virtually every other job seeker: You’ve got to write a resume. For those new to the job hunt, that can pose a challenge. You may never have written a resume before. Or […]