Workplace Manners: Waltz right through the difficulties of ‘Change’

Many of our employees hate change.  They know what they’re doing, they know how the system works… and they don’t want to ‘change’ how they do something.  When we try to implement a change to the process, we often get met with ‘it’s not broke, don’t fix it’, and sometimes people even go so far […]

Corporate Culture and the Hiring Process

Working in Human Resources and having a passion for corporate culture means supporting companies doing their due diligence to weed out any bad hires during the hiring process.  What lengths would a company go to in order to protect their culture?  Recently, a client shared with me a small company’s interview process.  Here are the […]

KS SHRM State Conference Recap

KS SHRM State Conference Recap In the middle of the United States, among fields of corn and soybeans, silos and wild native sunflowers, lies a place that was once home to likes of George Washington Carver, Wyatt Earp, Lucinda Todd and Bob Dole. This place? Kansas! In addition to the noted Kansans, this great state […]

What stage of change are you in your job search?

What stage of change are you in your job search? I am a certified solution-focused career specialist and have received motivational interviewing training in the last eight months.   MI is used in the mental health, addictions, and social services fields. It facilitates a way of people avoiding resistance, resolving ambivalence and inducing (positive) change. It gives back the power to individuals to […]