College internship 101: Tips for a successful first day

Congratulations on scoring an internship! You made it through what was likely a nerve-wracking interview process, and now you get to intern at a great company where you’ll no doubt learn a lot about the field you hope to enter following graduation. But if you’re like many interns, you might not know exactly what to wear or […]

7 Uses of Enterprise Social Media at Work

Enterprise Social Media for Improved Workplace Productivity & Communication

Social media is everywhere and it’s coming to your workplace. Social media use by Fortune 500 companies for the purposes of  marketing and customer service is no longer the new and shiny thing. Seventy-seven percent of the Fortune 500 use Twitter and 70% use Facebook for engagement (seen below), advertisement and marketing. Social media use […]

8 Panel Picker Sessions I’m Voting for #SXSW 2014

Diversity in Tech Workforce & Workplace Productivity

Don’t forget to consider voting for my session at SXSW, “Brand Ambassadors: Pure Genius or Risky Business.” Click here to vote.  Took a look at your Twitter stream lately? Just do a nice little search on the #SXSW hash tag on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. It’s SXSW Panel Picker voting time. Every […]