Tips to Manage Boomer Retirement

Strategies for Phased Retirement, Flexible Work Arrangements, and Knowledge Transfer

The shift in workplace demographics is finally upon us. Industry experts predict that the wave of boomer retirements kicks off in 2013. An estimated 10,000 boomers turn age 66 each day (the official Social Security retirement age), which translates to 300,000 employees per month! Skills, knowledge, experience, and relationships walk out the door every time […]

Manner Monday®: Prairie Dogging

Maintaining Productivity, Communication & Collaboration in Workplace Environment

Prairie Dogging Do you walk into someone’s office, or cubicle, unannounced and start chatting about work, or even just casually stop by to socialize?  No matter the office environment, it seems when we need something, or just want to chat, it’s a matter of urgency and whatever our peers are working on at the time […]

Recruiting Leaders and Mobile Innovators Gather to Celebrate Their Latest Inspiration at the 2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference

Top Talent Search with Mobile Technology

Hiring people using mobile technology is set to revolutionize the practice of digital recruitment. Smart recruiters know Americans check their mobile devices first, and relish the opportunity to respond to messages while on the go. On 23 September 2013, a mobile recruiting conference in Georgia pulls these threads together. There, visionaries, recruitment leaders and practitioners […]

Going Mobile Means a Whole Lot of Work. Are You Ready?

Mobile Career Site Optimization for Improved Job Search Experience

Do you check your smartphone first thing in the morning and snuggle with it on the couch at night? Have you ever left your house, only to realize 20 miles later that you forgot your phone … and then turn around to retrieve it? What a world we live in! We have become a mobile […]