Retaining the Hourly Employee

7 Proven Strategies to Retain Hourly Employees and Reduce Turnover

After you have spent so much time (and $$$) advertising, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training all of those hourly employees, how are you going to keep them?! If you have been following some of my recent posts, I’m hoping you have some indication. The turnover rate for the hourly workforce can range from around 40% […]

Being a Pretend-extrovert: Networking Tips for Introverts

Tips for Introverts to Shine at Conferences and Events

For introverts, the idea of professional networking—particularly in a face-to-face scenario—is a daunting one well outside the typical shy, quiet person’s comfort zone. But as introvert expert Susan Cain points out in her 16-point Manifesto, “Sometimes it helps to be a pretend-extrovert. There’s always time to be quiet later.” Take her wisdom to heart and […]