7 Health Benefits Your Wellness Program Doesn’t Have

The Challenge of Change in Human Resources Management

Does your office have a gym? Do you have group exercise classes, weigh-ins, nutrition experts, and incentive programs for staying healthy? Wellness programs are a hot topic right now. Naturally, with out-of-control health care and insurance costs, companies are looking for ways to save money and keep their employees healthier. Now, let me ask you […]

Change is Hard Especially in the Human Capital Industry

The Challenge of Change in Human Resources Management

The history of human resources is rooted in compliance, policy as well as procedure. This made change hard because change meant waiting for a government mandate regarding I-9’s or court decision changes to the ADA. But compliance is not an excuse to avoid change. Because of that human resources craves structure, a written document, a […]

What Should a Salary of a Project Manager Be?

Factors That Determine the Salary of a Project Manager

Project Management is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, reflected in the fact that the median salary for American PMs is around $105,000. Numbers can be deceiving, however, especially in this case: the range of the salary of a project manager will vary wildly depending on a few factors most HR […]

Putting Your Best Face Forward: How to Land That Healthcare Job

Steps to Securing Your Dream Healthcare Job

Healthcare recruiting agencies are busier than ever. It is a reality: People will need specialized care until the end of time, and the possibilities for employment relating to this field are more plentiful than ever. How to Land That Healthcare Job Consider how to increase your chances of finding the perfect fit: Conduct a ‘smart […]