Manner Monday: Text to Landline Messages

Traditional Telephone Manners in the Digital Age

As we all know, advancements in technology have blurred the lines when it comes to telephones and working environments.  It’s hard to determine if someone’s phone number is his or her office phone number or a residential home office, and it seems everyone is (or appears to be) accessible 24/7.   Landline phones in the home […]

Organizations Strive for a New Level of Inclusiveness

Best Practices On Building an Inclusive Workplace

Organizations Strive for a New Level of Inclusivenes Inclusiveness is about allowing employees to be their true self in the workplace and fostering formal and informal connections, which intrinsically ties them tighter to the company. Inclusiveness is about creating a space for risk taking and “fast failures’- making mistakes, but quickly learning from those errors, […]

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: Letting Go & Saying No

The Art of Letting Go and Prioritizing

Right now, I have three to-do lists and two calendars for work, two calendars for home and the kids, and countless little notes, ideas and journals. Not to mention the ideas that pop in my head: I want to do that, remember this, try that, go here, call this person or attend that webinar. When […]