Be Careful about using “Creative” Interviewing Methods

Unique Hiring Techniques

I came across an article in Entrepreneur Magazine written by Gwen Moran, where she described 3 Unique Hiring Techniques to Find the Right Person for the Job. You often come across articles that describe these kinds of methods of finding people that are out of the “ordinary” way of interviewing. While these are interesting you […]

Surviving Moore

A Father's Perspective on the Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

If you are able, please donate to my community. Visit the Red Cross and donate to help rebuild and support Moore, Oklahoma, my friends and community or call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit to donate. I didn’t sleep much last night, but I’m thankful to be alive. Living in Oklahoma, a place I’ve called home for nearly 8 […]

Your Recurring Nightmare… Online Applications

Leveraging Company Culture to Build a Strong Brand

Your Recurring Nightmare, Online Applications   If you’re like the vast majority of job seekers you’re spending all your time chasing posted jobs on company websites and Internet job boards. You’re diligently filling out numerous online applications, which can take an hour or more, and hoping against hope that someone will somehow review your impressive […]