The Importance of the Meet and Greet

The Importance of Work Cultures For Employees

New employee orientations in some businesses have become a thing of the past.  Shuffling the new employee in, having them sit at a computer station to fill out there new hire paperwork, watch some videos on Code of Conduct and then sit them at their work station is considered “orientation”. Is this what’s happening at your organization? What if […]

3 Ways To Make Your Résumé Stand Out From the Crowd

How to distinguish yourself on paper How To Distinguish Yourself On Paper

An ocean of paper They come without ceasing. Daily, they arrive to pile up in someone’s “To Do” basket. Ivory-colored pages of expensive, heavy stock share the same basket with copy paper ones. An occasional bright pink page incongruously blasts its color past the old-fashioned versions. Human resource offices have tried to do away with […]

5 Employee Twitter Bio Disclaimers You Should Add Today

The Debate on Social Media Policies and Disclaimers The Debate on Social Media Policies and Disclaimers The Debate on Social Media Policies and Disclaimers The Debate On Social Media Policies and Disclaimers

If you are on Twitter, you know I am a fan. At a dinner with HR friends earlier this year, someone told me I am one of the most transparent people on Twitter. I guess that’s true. I see Twitter as a random stream of my consciousness and conversation where I share some things person and […]

The Right Way to Help a Fellow Job Seeker

The Right Way to Lend a Hand in The Job Search Process

“Hey, would you be willing to …” For job seekers, there are a million ways to finish this sentence: “… provide a referral?” “… serve as a reference?” “… take a look at my resume?” The point is that job hunting isn’t a solo endeavor. Almost everyone who’s searched for a new position and found […]