Is Gamification the Best Way to Recruit Techies?

Finding Your Next Superstar Programmer (via slashdot) Is Gamification the Best Way to Recruit Techies? Last month, a story in The New York Times described the peculiar way in which a software company hired a programmer. The firm searched GitHub and other public code repositories in order to recruit (and eventually hire) this employee, who […]

How to Handle an Employee Who Cries At Work

Every manager and every HR person has faced tears at work. I will also wager that the majority of managers and HR people have shed some tears at work. We all get caught up in dealing with emotional situations. Sometimes they involve people we know well and as a result it may be difficult to […]

Fired Because of Social Media

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It is a digital and social media world we are living in with the use of social media, blogging, video tablets and smartphones only growing in popularity. This new level of personal and professional transparency combined with the availability of mobile technology heightens the likelihood that your workplace will be impacted with social media in some way. […]

Power of Social Media Listening for Employers & Recruitment

Check out part 1 of our social recruiting series by clicking here.  Social media is but one tool in a company’s tool belt when it comes engaging, relating and learning about candidates as well as employees. Because of curiosity  excitement or lack of strategy, employers jump into the world of social media too soon. While I’m a […]

Distinguish Yourself BEFORE Your Scheduled Interview

How to Show You're the Best Fit & Stand Out in the Interview Process

Regardless of the favorable numbers that were just released a few days ago concerning the slight drop in the unemployment rate and the slow but steady growth of the economy, as a job seeker you continue to face incredible competition for each and every position you apply for, especially for the higher-paying jobs that are […]