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An Observation on Work-Life Balance

The Art of Balancing Work and Life

Work-Life balance is always a hot topic. A week doesn’t go by without some article, blog post or new book appearing discussing the desire for work-life balance. Googling work-life balance produces a slew of references and definitions. Let me share with you an observation on work-life balance I recently came across. A definition According to […]

How to Hire for the Retail Industry

A Guide to Hiring Great Employees for Your Retail Business

The lovely world of retail. All of us are consumers in some fashion, and we should always feel like everything is smooth sailing from a shopper’s perspective. But behind the groceries, bright lights, jewelry, clothes and mannequins you will find hard working individuals who work for minimum wage in most cases. If your business is […]

Recruiting is NOT a Transaction, it’s an Interaction

The Importance of Customer Service in Recruiting

Several years ago, I listened to a senior leader from a major corporation speak on the importance of providing exceptional customer service. He stated something to the effect of customer service is not a transaction, it’s an interaction, and each interaction has the ability to attract and retain customers. Or, conversely the ability to put […]