How To Recruit on Facebook

Maximizing Your Employment Brand on Facebook: A Webinar on Transforming Your Career Site

I am writing to give my audience a heads up on a webinar that I STRONGLY suggest you attend. Its called “Get Your Feet Wet: Launching a Facebook Careers Page.” In it you will learn how to use Facebook to turn your Facebook Career Site into a magnet for passive candidates and positive employment branding. […]

401(k) Benefits Are the Red Headed Step Child of Your Total Rewards Program

Comparing Your 401(k) Plan: How Does it Stack Up Against the Top 30 Plans

Last night as I was sitting here doing my taxes I was pondering employee benefit plans and programs including the 401(k). I know, I’m weird like that. It’s one of those things that I do. Often forgotten by younger employees, it is an important benefit that serves your workforce in the long term. At the heart […]

How to Create a Job Search Strategy

Creating a Winning Job Search Strategy: Tips and Tricks

There is more to landing a new job than simply searching online and applying. In fact, leveraging only that approach may find you endlessly seeking. Finding a new job should be approached with as much forethought and strategic planning as any project you would tackle at work, or in your personal life. How to Create […]

4 Bad Habits to Kick or Control during your job search

Bad Habits to Avoid in Your Job Search: Making a Good First Impression

We all have something we should work on in our lives but some people bring more bad habits to their job search that hamper their ability to move forward or succeed in the job hunt. True Story: How to make a really bad first impression I am one of the few professional résumé writers who […]