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Social Media Job Consequences Get College Students’ Attention

Managing Your Online Identity: The Key to Landing Your Dream Job

In a recent post here at Blogging4Jobs, I asked for your best advice to college students on managing their social media. I got good feedback from recruiters and others on the need for students to realize that what they post online today will greatly affect their future employment opportunities. My presentation a few days later […]

Top 5 Bestest Workplace Blogs EVER — Plus Special Announcement!

Big Announcement: Check out the Latest Posts on Blogging4Jobs

Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week for March 17th – 23rd Big annoucement this week! Make sure you read it! We’re going to make it the first post, so be ready. Are you ready? You haven’t clicked already have you? You better not have! Ok you can click. Brownie points for comments! Big Announcement: […]

How to Get Your Organization Diamond Plate & Team to Sparkle

Building a Winning Team: Lessons from Baseball for Companies

In the world of baseball it is Spring Training season! The free agents have been signed, the rookies have been called up from the triple A teams, the fields are manicured, and the Mascots’ outfits have been dry cleaned. Now it’s time to dust off the cleats and get to separating the all stars from […]