4 Reasons to use Gamification for Employee Rewards

Benefits of Introducing Gamification in the Workplace

Gamification is quickly changing company dynamics in ways it has ever before. Gamification is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign, or work. The use of gamification in the workplace is becoming standard in the industry in order to improve employee engagement and now employee rewards. Companies like […]

How to Define Your Ultimate Customer

Defining your Ultimate Goal and Customer

The idea of the “Ultimate Customer” is an important aspect of outcome-based goal setting and creating a performance-based work culture. I always ask leaders, “Do your employees know who their customer is? The answer isn’t always clear and the conversation turns to the specifics of just how an organization goes about defining who the ultimate customer is. This is simply one […]

Human Resources – Your Biggest Obstacle to Finding Employment

Obstacles to Landing A New Job

How many times have you submitted your resume for what seems to be the perfect job? Your skills, experience, and expertise scream that you’re a great match for the position. Your excitement builds in anticipation of that phone call inviting you in for an interview. You realize that you did all the right things, following […]