The ACA Exchanges Delays

Availability of The Healthcare Exchange

Earlier in the year it was announced that employers would have to inform employees of the availability of a healthcare exchange by March 1, 2013. Some of you may have noticed that the date has come and gone without exchanges being available for employers to tell employees. Here is a bit more information. As required […]

Workplace Productivity Secret – The Power of No

Learning To Say No In the Workplace

No, nada, nope, nein, and nu. Saying No No is one of the simplest, shortest words in the English language. It’s one of the first words that most babies learn and in those young years, one of the most frequently used. Ryleigh, my 4 year old loves the word no. She’s Ms. Bossypants and tells […]

Why the Secret to Job Hunt Success is never Volume

Why More Job Applications May Not Be The Secret To Landing A Job

Job seekers seem to think more is better. If you just put out more applications, you are likely to get more results. Right? Wrong!  Volume is NEVER the secret to success in job search A current commercial has a moderator questioning young children with the question: “Is More Better?” The children give examples why more […]