Translating Employees

Speaking the Employee Language

If you’ve ever heard of the book Men are From Mars, Women are Venus, then you know what I mean when I say that people sometimes speak two different languages. This got me to thinking about bosses and their employees. I’ve often had exit interviews where employees spilled their guts about the misdoings of their […]

Why Candidate Selection is Just Like Stale Donuts

Experiencing Buyer's Remorse with Candidate Selection

We’ve all been there that moment when we like a candidate so much that it scares us into believing there might just be someone out there better, stronger, and more qualified.  And we’re taught to believe this.  We’re rewarded for waiting.  We kiss a lot of frogs but maybe just maybe, we end up waiting. […]

Resume Myths Series: #1 – The Wow Factor on a Resume

How Important is your Brand Statement

What is the Resume Wow Factor? I think I have a split personality. Well, I certainly have two totally different yet simultaneous reactions when a past or prospective client emails me one of those canned resume assessments. These critiques make me laugh hysterically and yet seethe inwardly at the same time. As part of the […]