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Do People Hire Job Seekers Whom They Like?

Tips on Making the Interviewer like the Interviewee

To answer the first question, yes; hiring managers tend to give job offers to those whom they get along with…this is all other things being equal. When you think about it, the proposition is logical as the potential boss is going to have to manage that particular employee meaning they are going to be spending […]

How Much Authenticity Can You Really Show In the Job?

How to Create an Attitude of Authenticity at Work

Do you remember the board room scene in Jim Carey’s movie, Liar Liar?  Can you imagine having a “no holds barred” truth approach on the job?  Movies are not real and the reality is that your boss and entire team would have it out for you! Authenticity.  It sounds like a nice concept. What we need […]

4 Reasons No One Will Tell You Why You Can’t Find a Job

Factors keeping you from finding a job

I was reminded again of the frustration that job seekers face for a number of reasons when a husband of a job seeker sent me an email this week.  His wife has a three year job gap because she was taking care of their children.  She’s applied for a number of jobs over the last […]

Questions You Should Be Asking During a Job Interview

Helpful questions during an interview

If you’re a job seeker then you’ve hopefully had your fair share of job interviews.  While in them you’re given a barrage of question about your experience, education, and personality… And while you may be anxious and excited to “land” this position, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and looking for the […]