Be the Devil’s Advocate: A Good Lesson in Strategic HR

Playing the Devil's Advocate in your Organization

I was reading an article from the McKinsey Quarterly from about a year ago, entitled Why Good Companies Create Bad Regulatory Strategies, where the authors were talking about the difficulty that many companies have in making an impact with stakeholders and regulators with some of the decisions they make. Authors Andre Dua, Robin Nuttall, and […]

SEO and PPC Guide to Online Recruiting Efforts Part 2 of 3

Managing Online PPC Campaigns

  This blog is Part 2 of 3 in the Blogging4Jobs SEO & PPC Guide to Online Recruiting efforts. The final part of this blog series will take next week, January 22nd. To catch up with the first part of this series, visit the blog.   As the world of HR evolves into more than […]