You have the Right to Work – and not pay union dues in Michigan

Everything on Right to Work laws

Michigan Right to Work law creates controversy Last week, Michigan became the 24th U.S. state to adopt a “Right to Work” (RTW) law. According to media reports, the law was passed at near warp speed, and caused a shock wave of controversy and discussion. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder who approved the law just twenty minutes after it landed […]

LinkedIn on US Corporate Recruiting Trends

US Corporate Recruiting Trends from LinkedIn Talent Solutions

The way people find companies is changing – Strong competition for knowledge workers and the proliferation of social media have increased the importance of an employer’s reputation. Companies are finding they must go out and build their talent brand if they want to attract the best candidates – many of whom are already gainfully employed. […]

Learn to be Innovative in 2013

What will your company do differently in 2013?

Eighty-eight percent of companies will innovate in ways that are “totally different than ever before” in the 21st century. December is the time to finalize your 2012 performance review and begin brainstorming on your 2013 goals. Do you have an innovation goal? One of the most significant strategic challenges for any innovation effort has to do with goals. […]