Funnel Vision: Viewing the ATS from a Candidate’s POV

What to Look for in Applicant Tracking Systems

If you’re an HR professional, I suspect you’re tired of hearing terrible candidate experience stories. If you’re a candidate, you read these stories nodding your head. Almost every one of these terrible candidate experience stories prominently features a terrible applicant tracking system (ATS). Candidate Experience or Applicant Experience? The problem with ATSs is that they […]

Big Data Talent Shortage? Is Recruiting to Blame?

Strong Demand for Big Data Talent

Big Data Talent Shortage? Is Recruiting to Blame? (via Dice News in Tech) Demand for Big Data talent certainly seems strong, but what’s driving it? Some argue there’s a talent shortage, but it seems that the hiring process might play a role as well. Employers may not be asking the right questions in the interview that […]

An HR Conundrum: Work Autonomy versus Consistency

The Future of Work

The Future of Work I am interested in the subject of the “Future of Work”, as I have written here and here, so when I came across an article entitled The Future of Work I naturally read it. One of the paragraphs talked about the importance of decentralization and autonomy prompted me to wonder if […]