GRATEFUL LEADERSHIP: A Little Praise Goes A Long Way

Practicing Gratitude in Life and Leadership

I am Grateful in Life & Leadership In a recent episode of Modern Family, DeDe (Shelley Long) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) are sitting on the couch talking, when DeDe says, “Thank you for your letters.” To which Manny replies, “It’s a lost art, no one puts pen to paper anymore.” And, in a nutshell, that’s […]

4 Talent Attraction Tactics That Wastes Time

Talent Attraction & Recruiting Tactics That Don't Matter

Talent Attraction & Recruiting Tactics That Don’t Matter We are in the midst of a pandemic sweeping over recruiting departments in almost every industry.  Stealing time and precious resources from Talent Attraction budgets.  Many staffing leaders right now are planning on what they will do different in 2013 to make staffing even better then 2012.  […]