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PUSH: Productivity at Work: Part 2 – You

How to PUSH through obstacles at work

This is a series of blog posts about PUSHing through obstacles at work. Every workplace is full of obstacles. If you want to be effective (and you want your boss to THINK you’re effective), you’ve got to learn how to get PUSH through obstacles.  Here’s Part 1 of the series. Internal Conflict:  Man vs. Self […]

Top 5 Mistakes Employers Make on I-9 Forms

The keys to success in working with I-9s

USCIS I-9 Form Expires August 31, 2012 As a compliance consultant one of the areas where HR mistakes show up is in dealing with immigration, the infamous I-9. This is a form where every “I” needs to be dotted, every “t” crossed and every appropriate line filled in. Here are some of the mistakes that […]