The Next Big Thing in Recruiting is… Voice Search Optimization

Voice Searching in Recruiting

This is a guest post by Joe Linford. Have you seen these Apple commercials promoting Siri? In a nutshell, some celebrity asks their phone a question, there is a beep and voila – there request is answered. Typically, the celebrity du jour wants to know where the nearest restaurant is or an update to be […]

7 Ways To Nix Hiring Flukes & Catch Resume Lies

Catch Candidates Lying on Resumes

Today’s job market is tough. The May jobs report indicated only 69,000 jobs were created in May, well below the anticipated 165,000. Now add to that the fact that some two million individuals will accept their bachelor’s degrees as the Class of 2012, expecting to receive cushy full-time jobs with health and vacation benefits. What’s left? […]