36.6 Million Job Seekers Found Work with Social Media in 2011

Social Media at Work

Social media is changing the world of work as well as the job search process.  In 2011, more than 36.6 million job seekers have found work as a result of social media.  Yes, you read correctly . . . 36.6 million and in 2011.  Whether it’s Facebook with 18.4 million, Twitter at 8 million, and […]

Help! When’s the Right Time to Leave a Job?

Navigating the world at work

These days I seem to be part HR blogger and part Anne Landers providing readers advice and insights into navigating the world at work.   I guess it comes with the territory.  My business life right now during the holidays consists mostly of hoodie sweatshirts and house slippers so I’m up for the challenge, and […]