Inbound Marketing vs. Spray and Pray

Effective Inbound Marketing

I do my fair share of talking about the importance and effective uses of blogging as a form of external promotion and what analytics giant, Hubspot calls “inbound marketing.”  Companies, individuals, and agencies can benefit from positioning themselves as an expert in their niche or industry field.  This form of inbound marketing is certainly less expensive than […]

Do You Know If Your Employees Are Dissing You on Facebook?

Social Networking and Employer Risks

In Pietrylo v. Hillstone Restaurant Group d/b/a Houston’s, two non-managerial employees of a New Jersey restaurant created a password-protected MySpace page to air their grievances against their employer. They invited other current and former employees to join and talk about all the “crap/drama/and gossip occurring in our workplace, without hav[ing] to worry about outside eyes […]