Next with SHRM–Day 1 Recap

A Recap of the SHRM's Annual Global Conference held in San Diego

Catch up with the highlights from Day 1 of the Next with SHRM event. Get insights and key takeaways from the sessions.

Why Golf & Social Media Matter in HR

Why Social Media Matters in HR

As a member of the SHRM Blog Squad and an author who writes about the business case for social media and who is also an experienced HR practioner and consultant, I don’t mind talking about why social media matters.  And I’m proud of SHRM for jumping in with two feet into the world of social media. Picture social media […]

Recruiting: Reading the blogs so you don’t have to

What the Blogs Say This Week about Recruiting

The Searchologist Magazine presents – The Week In Recruiting (Reading the blogs, so you don’t have to…) 1. Obama Fires McChrsytal: Should You Trash Your Boss?  2. For first time since ‘08, most CEOs plan to start hiring 3. Competitive hiring not ideal for college grads  4. Lessons Learned from a CEO 5. 15 Tips […]