Personal Style and the Interview

Understanding your interview Style

Many articles have been written about perfecting your resume or honing your interviewing skills. While those are key elements, your interviewing style is rarely mentioned. Understanding style, both yours and that of the interviewer may help you ace an interview. One instrument to measure your style is the DiSC Classic. Personal Style and the Interview […]

I Feel the Need…the Need for Speed (Networking)

Getting the Most from Speed Networking

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Business Network Chicago After Hours Event, which included a terrific, informative presentation on social media by my new friend Dean DeLisle ( or @deandelisle) and my first experience with speed networking. I’ve been to regular networking events before, but speed networking was completely new to me. I Feel the Need…the […]

Smile. . . You’re Underqualified

What To Do When You Are Underqualified For The Position

What To Do When You Are Underqualified For The Position … under-qualified… or at least you feel like you are. I mean why else would you not have received the position right.   Hearing the news   You’ve had the interview, heard the call, received the email, and opened that letter. Finally you hear, in […]

Oh Wise & Recent New Hire

Do your Research as a New Hire

So how about those informational interviews? They’re a fantastic way of intelligence gathering and getting your name out there for potential openings.  They’re great practice for actual job interviews but without the crushing nervousness. You can ask for feedback and the interviewer won’t feel the pressure of having to hire.  Heck, sometimes I just pick […]

OVERQUALIFIED! Candidates Need Not Apply

Overqualified Candidates Need Not Apply

I just took my car in for routine maintenance; all I needed was an oil change. When I got there, I saw the metal sign boldly proclaiming “ASE Certified – Over 30 years experience” hanging outside the door. He obviously has far too much experience to perform a straightforward oil change, and even if I […]