How to Lead with Team Building Programs

List of Team Building Activities

Being a leader is more than just managing your team effectively.  It’s about developing, growing, leading, and challenging your team.  Earlier I talked about the 8 key concepts to drive your start up.  Team building is more than just games and activities.  It’s about understanding your audience and developing a strategy in which to learn and […]

Team Building with Totems

Some Totems Used in Team Building

These basic interpretations of totems were taken from written and verbal native teachings and from the animals themselves. They include animals in the waking world and those animals who travel the dream world. Totems speak to our inner voice – so we benefit when we listen to them. When animals choose to contact us directly, […]

8 Key Concepts for What’s Driving Your Startup

Key Concepts that are Important to any Startups

Ask any startup company or grass roots business venturing out on their own about what they want and need to be successful in business, and you’ll get an pretty consistent mix of answers.  I conducted my own unscientific poll amongst friends and colleagues who are knee deep like me in the midst of a startup enterprise.  […]