Ep 13 – Workplace Holiday Party Etiquette Guide

I love the holidays. In fact, my family just finished putting up their holiday Christmas tree, but as an HR person, I loathe the holidays especially dealing with the holiday work party. It’s a nightmare where sexual harassment claims fill my inbox the next day and a place where employee etiquette conversations happen guaranteed.

Episode 13: Workplace Holiday Party Etiquette with Carey Sue Vega (@etiquette101)

In this Workology Podcast we made it easy for you, and put together a holiday workplace etiquette guide for your employees. Send them this podcast link and suggest that tune in to gently remind them of what things they should be and shouldn’t be doing at your work or office holiday party. Carey Sue Vega an etiquette expert joins me to talk about what your employee’s should know, best practices and how to survive the holiday party unscathed and without incident. Your HR lady thanks you.

Holiday Party Horror Stories

This topic maybe boring to you, but it is necessary. It’s one I loathe as an HR lady is one the media loves. It’s one of my most common television interview requests during the holidays. This year we are giving the media what they want in podcast and audio form. Holiday party horror stories from sales team members vomiting on stage during karaoke to frisky santas who during their day job are HR managers to unfortunate drug use and employee terminations, this episode has it all. Hopefully, this resource will give HR and manager listeners a laugh while serving as a guide for employees as they prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday party celebrations at work, the office and beyond. Check out the podcast for real actionable advice from Carey Sue and myself on how to survive during the holiday season at work.



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