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One of my favorite ways to learn is using audio, and I know I’m not alone. Audio learning and podcasting is taking the world by storm. Fifty percent of American homes listen to podcasts. Not only are podcasts a great way to multi-task, but they also offer higher knowledge recall and retention than traditional lecture style learning. You can see what I mean below in the image that dives into the different types of learning styles. I have used audio learning for my HR certification prep starting out in 2003 with my PHR and it continued with my SPHR and SHRM-SCP.



One of the things I realized in working with my HR certification prep students over the last two years is that we need to challenge ourselves in our study prep moving beyond reading, highlighting and lecture type learning. This is why I’m excited to announce my new audio learning course for HR certification prep is now available.


Introducing my HR Certification Prep Audio Learning Course – Ace the HR Exam Audio 


I’m not alone in this interest and popularity in audio learning. My Ace the HR Exam students have been asking for more resources and training that is audio only, and I’m excited to say that I’ve delivered with the official launch of Ace the HR Exam Audio. Also known as Ace Audio, it is an audio only HR certification prep review for both HRCI and SHRM exams including PHR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and SHRM-CP. Ace the HR Exam Audio has been extremely popular in our pre-launch for our current students, and I’m excited to share the details with you today.


What’s Included in Our HR Audio Certification Prep Review Course 


The Ace the HR Exam Audio offers CUSTOM and unique content designed to improve your knowledge retention so that you can subconsciously recall important HR test terms on exam day. Students in our Ace the HR Exam Audio course get instant access to our audio review course within minutes of purchase and can study when it’s CONVENIENT for you and your busy schedule.


– 7+ hours of audio review

– Easy to access on your mobile device or computer

– Audio lessons exclusive to this course

– 30-minute bite-sized lessons designed for busy HR pros

– Review important HR glossary terms, chronological order of laws, acts, and court decisions and HR test questions





Extending the Pre-Sale Rate of $39 Through November 30th 


I’m excited to announce that it launches officially today and that I’m extending our pre-sale price through November 30th for $39. For $39, you get access to our amazing HR certification prep audio learning course designed to help you maximize your study time and increase your unconscious knowledge retention using the power of audio learning. Sign up for Ace the HR Audio Course now.



Once You Enroll in the Ace the HR Exam Audio Course, You’ll Receive…


– 7+ hours of audio learning in 30 minute lessons with 24/7 access

– Instant and unlimited access to our course for 12 months with no limit to the number of listens

– Audio lessons only available with this course. (Many of these lessons are offered no where else and are exclusive to THIS course)

– Special 50 question HR practice test audio lessons

Since I first became certified in HR, I dreamed of a better way to prepare for the exam that maximizes our busy schedules and is focused on building an HR knowledge foundation. I started offering HR certification prep courses because I was tired of waiting for someone else to make the kind of course that I knew I needed. With so many of us suffering Zoom fatigue right now working from home, I wanted to offer a course that lets you review important HR terms and concepts while you live your life. Your life and your HR Certification Prep for the SHRM and HRCI exams doesn’t have to happen in front of a television or computer screen.


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