Workology Launches Subscription to HR Certification Prep Course for SHRM and HRCI

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I LOVE human resources. I am all in and committed to elevating the HR profession. I know you feel the same way. We take our work seriously and we are DEDICATED to the craft of HR. Since 2019, Workology has been teaching our own HR certification prep course I designed called Ace the HR Exam. I launched this course after teaching SHRM certification prep classes with SHRM for a number of years. I wanted to offer a better way to prepare for your HR certification exams beyond just overpriced books and 36-hour courses and community college,  AND I wanted to offer prep classes for HRCI’s certification as well. So I launched Ace the HR Exam.

Since the launch of that first course, I have learned a lot. We’ve helped over 8,000 HR professionals with their HR certification prep, and I am excited to share our latest enhancement to our signature product, Ace the HR Exam.

I am finding that more and more HR leaders are the ones who are responsible for investing in themselves. In fact, a decreasing number of HR leaders have their employer supporting their professional development efforts. I do no think that economics should limit you from achieving big things. You are deserving of them which is why I am excited of what I am now offering.

Workology Announces Expanded Options to HR Certification Prep Course for SHRM and HRCI 

Starting today, I am excited to share we have expanded the Ace the HR Exam Course to include EVERYTHING you need to pass your HR certification exams. This course is full service offering a comprehensive exam preparation on-demand course that includes the following:

– 60 hours of on-demand HR certification review organized by subject area

– 140 separate lessons that you can start, stop, and engage on your schedule

– 1,250+ practice test questions organized by subject area to evaluate your knowledge mastery

– Learning resources for all different types of learning styles including audio, long or short form video, flashcards, digital downloads and more

– Separate course offerings for SHRM and HRCI exams accessible on our learning portal or Google Play or IOS apps that are customized to the BOK and/or BASK.

– Recommended books and resources you can access without breaking the bank designed to help you learn quickly, study less and ace your HR certification exams with SHRM and HRCI.

I’m excited to share that we have combined four courses (Ace the HR Exam, HR Practice Test, Ace HR Audio and Ace HR Shorts) into one: The new Ace the HR Exam gives you a truly comprehensive review designed to help you organize and prioritize studying for your HR certification exams.


HR Certification Prep Course Now Available To Purchase As a Monthly Subscription 

I’m an HR person like you and so many HR leaders are investing in HR certification and preparation without the financial support of an employer. I understand the struggles (having done that myself) and I also understand the benefits of HR certification. HR leaders who are certified can increase their annual income by as much as 58%. Access to Ace the HR Exam has resulted in a 95% pass rate for our students and combined with the increased income potential, passing this exam can be life changing. With this new offering, I’m excited to help support even more HR leaders in increasing their income potential, feeling more confident in their job, and increasing their credibility at work and in their community.

And that is why I’m excited to share that Ace the HR Exam now offers a monthly subscription option starting at $49.99, giving global HR leaders an affordable way to study and prepare for their HR exams including the aPHR, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP.


How Our HR Certification Prep Course is Different Than Traditional Study Courses with SHRM and HRCI

Our Ace the HR Exam course begins with an 80 question comprehensive assessment that is designed to help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses exist. I help you break down your areas of opportunity beyond competencies within HR Knowledge and Behavior competencies with SHRM and sub-competencies with HRCI allowing you to really focus your review time as you begin our course.

Our differentiator is that students are able to prioritize their studying and dive into our comprehensive review resources to suit their specific needs. You don’t spend time reviewing or  studying on topics you do not need. We offer audio review, short and long form video review, downloadable resources as well as digital and printable flashcards to support every type of learner as well as your busy work and life schedule. We have over 60 hours of review materials organized by HR topics like D&I, Learning and Development, HR Strategy, Employment Law, Talent Acquisition, Benefits and more.

How We Are Helping HR Leaders in Their SHRM and HRCI Certification Exam Prep

Our HR Certification prep course, Ace the HR Exam is changing the lives of our students by making HR certification accessible to all HR leaders. In this way we are elevating all of HR, and I am able to fully step into my purpose of supporting HR leaders to be their best selves personally and professionally.

I would love the opportunity to impact even more HR professionals in supporting their HR certification exam prep efforts.

I’m including a link to our new Ace the HR Exam page. Current students who previously purchased our Ace the HR Exam Suite will be migrated over to this new format. My team and I look forward to continue serving HR leaders in their professional development with HR certification preparation and HR recertification offerings.

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