Workology Council (1) For nearly two years now, we have been non-stop supporting our organizations through the most volatile and challenging times in modern business history. We did more than survive. Many of us thrived. In the process, human resources became elevated because of how we support the business AND our employee populations and teams.

We’ve been so focused on supporting our organizations, our leaders, and employees that we have forgotten about ourselves. The time is NOW for you to stretch, grow, and shine. APPLY TODAY unnamed (4)

Does this sound like YOU?

But first… What is a Mastermind?


As an HR professional, you want to ensure you’re supporting your workforce goals through career development, but HR professionals are also the most often overlooked sector when it comes to their own career and personal development. 


Although most CEOs understand the importance of employee development, most admit that they do not devote the necessary time and resources to this activity. 


In a study by global staffing firm Randstad, 73% of employers said fostering employee development is important, but only 49% of employees said leadership is adhering to this practice.


What & Who is the Workology Council For?

The Workology Council is a mastermind community for HR leaders. We are a group of HR professionals with a common goal to succeed by leveraging the influence, resources, and expertise of others on an annual basis. This will be the HR business tribe that you’ve wanted to be part of for your entire career.

APPLY TODAY Personal AND business growth

Benefits of the Workology Council

What our community is saying

Nuno H. – SHRM-CP

” I cannot thank you enough for the amazing webinars and self reflection. I’m currently on your page and really excited to be learning so much more. This was easy to access, user friendly and super fun to learn.”

Cassandra S.

“I highly recommend Jessica for a crash course of everything HR.”

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