When College Isn’t Worth It

When College Isn’t Worth It

College is usually a good investment, but that is not the case for every single school in America. You may want to think about your decisions before you hand over that big tuition check.

Based on payscale’s 2013 ROI report. Negative return of investment is where the cost of attending college actually outweighs the long term benefits.

Consider these stats:

– Florida Memorial University
– 2012 cost: $112,000
– Graduation rate: 42%
– Cost/Credit Hour for undergraduate: $516
– Over the past 30 years, graduates have had an avg. return investment of -$114,000
– Due to high percentage of graduates focusing on majors in criminal justice, psychology, and social work
– All majors with high social benefits and little financial benefits

Now check out the rest! Wow.

When Higher Education Doesn't Pay Back

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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