What Our Future College Grads Need to Know About Job Hunting

Thinking about your future can be scary because we all fear the uncertainty. However, to protect ourselves from huge disappointments, we need to be prepared. Therefore, as a college grad, you should get involved in a number of activities that will help you find your desired job. Even if you might not find it from the first try, you should be perseverant and stick to your objective.

Looking at Things from The College Graduates’ Perspective

Even though we live in a tough economy, there are still plenty of choices when it comes to job openings for college grads.

What Should a College Graduate Keep in Mind When He/She Is Looking for A Job Opportunity

  • Choose an internship, first. As a new graduate you don’t have a lot of experience. Therefore, you should accept being an intern for a couple of months until you develop some professional skills. Even some entry-level jobs require one or two years of experience in the working field. The best thing to do is to intern while you are still in college. Otherwise, you might find yourself behind many of your colleagues.
  • It is the time of exploration. If you are not settled on a single profession, don’t fret. You still have time to figure things out. However, it is good to start exploring different possibilities while you are still young and you can afford “wasting” some time. Try to discover your strengths and your preferences before going on your first job interviews.
  • Always update your resume. And customize it, as well. Don’t write a lot of pages. If you write all your relevant experience that matches the job position you are applying for, you will not need more than one page. Highlight only the essential aspects of your education as well as your experience. Avoid common mistakes that many youngsters do while completing their resumes.
  • Check and enhance your social media presence. You can boost your visibility but make sure you did not publish any compromising information of pictures on your social media pages. Focus more on professional websites such as LinkedIn. Polish your social media avatars so that the recruiters will find them appealing.
  • Go to networking events. Create new relationships by attending offline events. Networking is also a great way to get referrals. Be opened to meet new people that might help you in your future career. Also, reconnect with some of your former colleagues or professors.
  • Enroll on some extracurricular courses. Improve your skills by learning something practical and close to your educational field. You can also learn new abilities connected with your chosen working domain.
  • Dress for success. A good first impression is crucial, especially when you meet your potential employer for the first time. Usually, you must dress appropriately for a job interview. This means that you should leave behind casual clothing and focus on office outfits. However, there are some industries or companies which are more flexible. In those cases, you can try the “smart casual” dress code.

Most Common Mistakes That College Grads Make When Searching for A Job

  • Not paying attention to networking opportunities. Work on your communication skills and start creating meaningful relationships. Get over your shyness and become more mature by following some simple guidelines.
  • Searching mostly online. This mistake is connected to the previously described one. More than 70% of the college grads are searching for jobs online only. Professionals say that these young adults should start focusing more on networking chances.
  • Creating standardized resumes. There are plenty of jobs. However, many other college grads are applying for the same jobs as you do. Therefore, you must do something to stand out in the crowd. You can start by customizing your resume. Also, you should change the focus of your CV, depending on the job opening you are applying for. You cannot enhance the same abilities and apply to all jobs because every position has different requirements.
  • Focusing more on useless social media networks. Although it is true that professional websites are not as interesting and entertaining as Facebook or Twitter, you should use these resources to get more visibility among the hiring managers.
  • Not following up. Many new graduates are sending their CVs and then just waiting for a phone call. After applying to a certain job opening, wait for a couple of days, maybe even a week, and then follow up, by sending a second e-mail. Using this method, you can make yourself more visible in the eyes of the potential employer.
  • High expectations. It is good that you are demanding, and you act in your best interest. However, don’t look for the perfect job right from the start. A first job is a place where you create some experience and prepare yourself for the real work environment.

Hiring Manager’s Perspective On Job Hunting Issues

What Are Hiring Managers Requesting from College Graduates That Want to Start Their Career?

Studies have shown that recruiters do not consider academic abilities as being their main concern when hiring new graduates. The most crucial element is their work experience and professional abilities. Some of the common skills that an employer looks for in a potential employee are the following:

  • Teamwork oriented. As a potential employee, you should feel comfortable working on your own as well as collaborating with other coworkers.
  • Analytical thinking and problems solver.
  • Communication and social skills. Abilities to network efficiently with both internal and external people. These will come in handy in almost all lines of work, but particularly in the retail industry, where people skills are a must.
  • A good organizer. An employee should know how to prioritize his/her work tasks.
  • Technical knowledge that matches the job’s field. This can also include the requirement of being a computer literate.
  • Personal skills such as persuasive qualities and being a good seller.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, being an excellent student is important, but there is more than this when searching for the perfect job. Recruiters focus more on a college grad’s working abilities and practical skills. Your knowledge is useful when you know how to apply it in your chosen activity field.

The most important thing for you, as a new graduate, is to prove that you have the necessary traits for the job that you applied to. Furthermore, you must always be honest in everything you write on your resume. Otherwise, the recruiter will be able to discover your lies.

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