What Employers Really Want

According to a Profiles Survey of Canadian Employers, Employers want a top candidate with the following characteristics:

*Good Resume
*Good Skills
*On time for interview
*Prepared for interview
*Good Communicator
*Great First Impression
*Aggressive Job Seeker
*Interested in the Company and Interviewer
*Good Follow-up (emails, thank you cards, phone calls)
*Poised & Confident

I have colored in orange are everything that you have control over prior to the interview with a small amount of effort in comparision to Skills. Skills are important but often require a great deal of training or certification. Hopefully, you’ll already have the required skills like a bachelors degree, certificate, or experience requirements for the positions you are applying for. Imagine setting yourself apart from the rest with a great resume, confidence and enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the company you are interviewing with. Amazing! Believe me when I say I have hired many individuals based on their enthusiasm, confidence,and interest and knowledge of the company.

What Employers Really Want

Just last week I offerred a candidate (who was a referral from a networking contact) a job. I was overwhelmed by her knowledge of the company, her interest in the position, and enthusiasm. The candidate had done her homework and was prepared for the interview. The position I was hiring for was an Inside Sales position. She did some research and could speak to the selling process and was able to use her experience with fundraising to speak to sales. I love it when a plan comes together!!

Next time. . . Checking your references.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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