What Does House of Cards Have to Do With Employee Personalities

Throughout our careers we grow as professionals and individuals. But does our outlook and drive change? Do our personalities adjust from one stage of life to another? Or are we the same bright-eyed and bushy-tailed individuals we were 10, 15, 20+ years ago? Maybe, maybe not. Below are seven personality types that you are sure to have encountered along the way. Who knows, you might be one of them or a combination of two or three. Either way, this is sure to be fun.

7 employee personalities — which are you?

OMG, Life Is Awesome.

Christina Gallagher Remember how excited you were on your first day of the rest of your working life? This person has that same excitement and brings that energy every day to the workplace. Nothing can hold this individual back. There is no such thing as a downfall and positivity even in the darkest hours is all that you will find here.

Character Example: Christina Gallagher

I Love My Company And You Should Too.

In 2015 this person is often times described as a brand ambassador. This is the individual that everyone, I mean everyone, knows where they work and that it is the “best” place in the world. When they aren’t found wearing company t-shirts they can be found describing how awesome their organization is in 140 characters. They are loyal and drink the company Kool-Aide.

Character Example: Edward Meechum


Go, Fight, Win – #JoinUs

Francis Underwood This person treats everyday and every interaction as a competition. Their goal in life, just like their self-worth, is defined by who they conquest and how quickly they can rise to the top. Being misleading or telling a half-truth or no truth at all is commonplace. This is not the person you want on your bad side as they have no problem destroying you to achieve greatness.

Character Example: Francis Underwood

I Will. I Can.

This is that A-Player that is loyal and a doer. They know how to work the system, play the game and get &*^$ done. Give this person a task and marching orders and every “T” will be crossed and every “I” dotted. They aren’t concerned with being likeable or reaching top dog status. They can often times be found right next to the “Go, Fight, Win – #JoinUs” leaders as they are their right-hand man.

Character Example: Doug Stamper

Doug Stamper

In It For The Long Haul.

Linda V This person often times rise to leadership roles by making calculated decisions and following the less risky path. They are smart, decisive and loyal. They keep things in check and follow the motto of “numbers don’t lie.” They are the one’s that stay to the end or exit organizations with sizable severance packages due to knowing “too” much.

Character Example: Linda Vasquez

The Good Guy 99% Of The Time.

Strong, logical and talented. Every aspect of this person’s life is approached with caution. There is nothing rose-colored about their thought process and they seek the truth in all they do. They are passionate and purposeful. They will over step boundaries only if no other option is viable.

Character Example: Garrett Walker

Garrett Walker

The Glue That Holds It Together.

Nancy Kaufberger Not everyone sets out to hold a title, make the calls or change the world. In fact, a majority of the workforce, wish to do their job well and not make waves. These are the folks that keep things running and avoid the spotlight.

Character Example: Nancy Kaufberger

In knowing these personalities you will be prepared for a house divided or united, either way the cards are dealt. Which personality type are you?

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