Disabled Workers Are Your Revenue and Productivity Secret

Did you know that employing people with disabilities isn’t solely an “act of charity?” Hiring people with disabilities makes business sense and can help companies succeed in ways they never thought possible. Are you looking to gain dedicated employees? Or reduce turnover in your business? Continue reading to learn more about hiring people with disabilities and the ways you can benefit.

In 2014, only 17% of people with disabilities were employed in the workforce and working at a workplace, compared to the 64% of people without disabilities who were employed. That’s 83% of the disabled population unemployed! Although that statistic is a little shocking, it proves there is room to grow disability employment within our current workforce.

Many companies and people think- isn’t hiring someone with a disability a lot of additional work for me? Definitely not! Especially if you look at the benefits your company will gain in the long run.

Hiring for Disabled Workers. You gain a dedicated and passionate employee

What’s the first question you are asked when you meet someone new? “What do you do?” People with disabilities and disabled workers are searching for a work identity. They want to support themselves and contribute to the workforce. Although this a slight generalization, people with disabilities enjoy going to work and will bring dedication and passion to the job. They will help to invigorate stagnant staff and add new energy to the team! Isn’t that what you were looking for in a candidate all along?

You lower turnover

Does your business have a high turnover rate? Hire people with disabilities! Did you know that disabled workers have a proven retention rate and continue to impact businesses across the United States? Walgreens is a great example of this success. They decreased their turnover by 20-50% across the entire organization by creating an initiative to hire people with disabilities to fill at least 35% of their workforce.

It’s the best-kept secret in the employment market

Hiring people with disabilities is still an after thought for many companies. It was only 25 years ago in July when the Americans with Disabilities Act was created to encourage and enforce disability rights. Hiring people with disabilities can be scary for companies because it seems like a lot of additional work or money. It’s doesn’t have to be that way! Most reasonable accommodations are not very expensive and can be utilized in the future- think about building relationships with sign language interpreters, using an assistive technology application, creating a large print job application, etc. Once you begin to create disability awareness in your business, the possibilities are endless!

What’s the bottom line when hiring people with disabilities? Don’t be afraid- the benefits far out weight any additional training or expense. You will gain dedicated and passionate employees who will change the energy in your company for years to come!

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Hannah Weiss

Hannah Weiss, a public relations professional from Minneapolis, Minnesota has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2011. She enjoys collaborating with others and spreading the word about organizations that are making a difference in the community by providing equality for persons with disabilities. Hannah currently manages public relations for Opportunity Services OppServ, a nonprofit that helps disabled adults find employment. Connect with Hannah.


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