What Car to Choose for a Successful Businessman?

The attribute of any chief or successful businessman is the presence of his business car. Let’s speak in detail about how to choose a sedan car for the chief.

Traditionally, executive cars are sedans, which provide maximum convenience of use. Officials of the highest rank or the heads of successful and rich companies choose representative flagships Maybach, Mercedes S-class, or BMW seventh series. However, for the majority of managers, there is still an issue about how to find a quality sedan at the same time, but the cost of such a car should be at an affordable level. Let’s analyze in detail, what cars can be considered as a sedan for the boss.


Audi A7

German Audi in the last 10 years has significantly expanded its offerings. If previously when choosing a car for the head, many paid attention to the luxury executive sedan Audi A8, today the model A7 is very popular. It simultaneously combines luxury, has not too large dimensions, and is characterized by ease of use. This four-door coupe has a stylish appearance and is equipped with powerful and high-tech power units.

Traditionally for the German manufacturer, Audi A7 sedan models have received an expanded configuration, and even in base, it can boast various electronic systems and options. In top options, this car will not concede to premium brands, while its cost is at an affordable level. Today they ask for an Audi A7 in a base complete set of about $50,000.


BMW 5-Series

Another classic business sedan, which is traditionally considered when choosing a car for the head. The car has a stylish dynamic appearance, and in the showrooms of this brand you can pick up various powertrain modifications, from economical two-liter diesel, ending with the top model M5 or a powerful 8-cylinder engine.

The base package car has a price of $40000 dollars, and for the top models – about $65000. According to the price will be the equipment of this car. If the base car has a minimum package, then as the price increases, buyers can get a variety of options, including 4 zone climate, memory driver seats, LED headlights, and other electronic systems.


Mercedes-Benz CLS

Traditionally, Mercedes is the epitome of success and prosperity. It is not surprising that such cars are in great demand on the market today.For the thrifty executives can pick up a two-liter diesel, which will cost about 50,000 dollars. But the top modification AMG 63, which has a capacity is 58The CLS is what is known as a four-door coupe, which is great as an executive vehicle. 5 horsepower, is estimated already at 90000 dollars.

The price is certainly impressive, but this car is always at the top of the ratings of representative class and, moreover, is one of the most popular among consumers. So I would recommend renting it first with the help of luxury car rental in Dubai to assess the price/opportunity ratio of this car.


Lexus ES

One of the best business-class sedans. Distinctive features of the seventh-generation ES is a stylish body with the boldest design solution, convenience, and minimalism in the interior, excellent noise isolation.

Lexus has the latest safety systems. Pre-Collision System allows you to see pedestrians and other road users in the dark or in adverse weather conditions. 125 centimeters is the distance between the front and rear seats, which allows tall people to extend their legs. Electrically adjustable backrest tilt up to 8 degrees is available as an option. The latest Mark Levinson Pureplay audio system provides amazing acoustics. The engine is economical, with average fuel consumption of 6.6 liters per 100 km.



Choosing a car is an important task for any manager. It is worth approaching such a question with maximum responsibility. If necessary, you can always consult with competent employees of the car dealership.

From the point of view of finances, in the overwhelming majority investment in a car is the most reasonable and profitable option. Here it is worth recalling that legal entities thus significantly reduce the financial burden on their business and make the option of buying a car more profitable by saving on VAT and income tax.

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